Introducing Gentroo Home

A better way to
monitor someone
in need.


About Us

Gentroo Mobile Management Ltd. is a member of the Digital Grounds Group incorporated in 2011 in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada.

Gentroo offers monitoring solutions for people in long-term care as well as at home, with a physician-led study for AI-based falls prevention approved for spring 2022.

Our Mission

To give people the tools they need to monitor their loved ones, safely and affordably.

What is Gentroo Home?

A revolution in personal monitoring:

  • Help them stay at home longer
  • Monitor Emergencies, Falls, Wandering and more, using your own Friends and Family Network and a device of your choice*
  • Lots of great options and highly customizable
  • Safety for them, and peace of mind for you!

How it Works

Using Gentroo is easy! Simply turn on the device, provide it to the person being monitored, and you're up and running. The app will notify you when something happens (for example, your loved one wanders away from their home). You can invite more monitors at any time, and adjust settings from within the app.


  • Panic button
  • Fall detection
  • Wandering alerts
  • Always-On GPS location
  • No Internet or Wifi needed for device
  • Alerts and notifications customization
  • Secure in-app messenger
  • Care network management tools
  • Device battery monitor
  • And more!


  • The peace of mind that comes with real-time visibility into your loved one's location and well-being
  • Lower cost than other solutions
  • Device choice*
  • Highly customizable to fit your family
  • Expandable in the future to include health and disease monitoring

Pilot Details

Gentroo Community Pilot

  • We are currently recruiting for a Community Pilot in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
  • This pilot will run from April 25th 2022 to July 15th 2022.
  • Gentroo is a new product; we are planning for a commercial launch in the second half of 2022.
  • We want to introduce customers to Gentroo and gain valuable insight and feedback into what individuals need to best support the care of their loved ones.
  • This initial 12-week pilot will be free for selected participants.
  • Once the pilot is complete if you choose to purchase an ongoing subscription, you will be entitled to keep the device as our thank-you.

We are looking for people who:

  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Own an iOS or Android device
  • Are monitoring, or need to monitor, someone at risk of falling, wandering, or panic
  • Have at least two people that will be monitoring the person at risk
  • Are prepared to provide regular feedback

*Limited spots available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gentroo Home

Gentroo is a reliable, affordable and flexible way to monitor your loved ones.

In addition to providing the same list of features as a call center service (Panic button, Falls Detection, Wandering), Gentroo offers a host of benefits including:

  • Immediate notifications in case of emergency
  • Much cheaper, particularly when you consider options like GPS location and Fall Detection, or if you want to monitor more than one person, which can cost thousands of dollars annually with a traditional 'call center' service
  • True mobility (2-way voice works from the device, not the "home hub" as in most other offerings, and the device works inside and outside seamlessly)
  • Free in-app messaging and calling within the Network
  • The ability to set Security and Privacy levels at the level of individual monitors (e.g. you may want to limit what a neighbor can see and do, vs. a family member)
  • Use multiple devices + Bring You Own Device ("BYOD") capability (use virtually any device you want, for example a blood glucose monitor or a Fitbit)

Gentroo sends event notifications (e.g. a Fall, or a Panic button press) to you and the other monitors in your network, and includes a number of supporting features to ensure the system fits your life and your needs.

No; Gentroo includes tools to help you manage alerts and notifications. The goal is for people to be able to find the right balance between staying informed, and avoiding "alert fatigue", and to be able to turn notifications up and down (or off and on) as needed.

Some notification management features include:

  • "Alert Validation" minimizes false alarms by requiring a confirmation from the person being monitored prior to sending the alert out to your Network (can be customized)
  • Individual alert settings that allow you to fine-tune notifications (e.g. Falls Detection sensitivity)
  • Monitor-level settings allow you to set which alerts go to which monitors, and when (time of day)

Alert Notifications are delivered to Monitors' phones, and can be addressed as appropriate, whether immediately in the case of emergencies, or at a more convenient time for less urgent issues.

Gentroo can be easily customized to make sure you have the right level of network montoring, up to around-the-clock coverage if needed. For example, you can quickly add and remove 'temporary' Monitors, e.g. for an evening. You can also set landline numbers for added security.

You can turn notifications off at night, or direct them to another Monitor in the network. This is again about each person striking the balance that best suits their needs and situation. Some people want to receive all notifications, and some do not. Gentroo allows you to adjust these settings as you go, until you find the mix that fits. You can even split the night up, by setting who sees what notifications by time.

Community Pilot

The Gentroo Community pilot will run from February 14, 2022 to May 14, 2022.

Yes, the pilot will be free for participants, including use of a monitoring device for the pilot period.

Just monitor someone who needs it, using the system, and provide regular updates on your experience via an online survey.

Three months of free monitoring for your family, and the satisfaction of helping a Sault Ste. Marie company launch a product to help people, as well as our thank you! And, the option to keep the monitoring device after the pilot with a subscription.

After 5 years of development and testing, we are taking the first steps to commercialization with our Community Beta Pilot in early 2022. We plan to offer Gentroo commercially in the second half of 2022.

Sign up

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If you have questions, please email